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December 29, 2012


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{{Character Guidelines}}

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 29, 2012, 6:41 PM

There is a lot of important information found here so in order to help make things easier we have provided a Table Of Contents which is found below.

I. General Character Guidelines
II. Clan Cat Guidelines
III. Star Clan Cat Guidelines
IV. Dark Forest Cat Guidelines
V. Relationships
VI. Mating Partners & Pregnancies
VII. Potential Bans & Restrictions
VIII. Ranks Descriptions

Journal - divider star by Aki-Kyrie

I. General Character Rules

:bulletblue: Please keep in mind that you are creating a feline character for the warrior cats world. Try and be as realistic as you can be. Unique does not always equal super complicated! There are many ways to create a colourful character without going overboard.
:bulletblue: All cats must be natural in colour as well as design. Breeds must be actual breeds. The only breeds we do not accept are Savannah because of their large size.
:bulletblue: We allow all eye colours except pure white, pure black, or rainbow. Duo colored eyes are acceptable but please keep this to a minimum. Only 10 are allowed Group Wide. Number can be found on main page beneath Current Bans.
:bulletblue: Keep character "hairstyles" to a minimum. Do not go crazy adding full hairstyles. Bangs, long hair to the front of the ear is allowed. If there is an issue with your character, we will let you know.
:bulletblue: When creating a character please leave room for development. Also, be creative. We will not accept mary sue characters. This means do not make your characters flawless, good at everything, invulnerable, etc.
:bulletblue: As far as warrior names are concerned, we will only allow one prefix (i.e. Hollowfrost) at a time in each Clan. There are many prefix to choose from so please keep track of the Allegiance lists when making a character. This goes for Rogues and Kittypet's as well. A warriors name must be explained as to how and why they were given a name. A perfect example of a terrible, and non-acceptable, name choice would be Blackfoot for a white cat. The prefix to a warriors name, unless becoming a warrior at an older age {Perhaps a rogue at first} describes the actions or the pelt color of a kit, while the suffix explains other features after becoming a warrior.
:bulletblue: Each character is allowed three small items/accessories. Human made items if they're a Kittypet or a Rogue.
:bulletblue: Every member is allowed a total of 4 characters.  
:bulletblue: Killing off a Character:
- Before killing off a character you must first get permission from an admin, so note the group.
- Characters can be killed off every 2 months. After that, you must wait an additional 2 months before you are eligible to kill off another character.
- Because we would like to limit the "bored of my character", if you decide to get rid of a character, you will have to wait 2 months real time before applying for a new character.
- When a character perishes they will be given a choice, StarClan or DarkForest. Once an allegiance is chosen, your character’s ref will be moved there and they will become an NPC. Once your character perishes, you must update their app and note the group with the app so they can be declared dead and moved.


II. Clan Cat Guidelines

Clan cats must follow the Warrior Code as well as use general warrior cat terminology. :bulletwhite:
Clan cats must have the regular warrior cat names, which normally tend to focus on natural items found in the area they live. No names such as "Brickface or Metalclaw". This will not be approved. :bulletwhite:
We will not accept mating amongst apprentices, no matter the age. Love is allowed amongst the trainees, and triangles, though pretty standard, will be tolerated. But kittens/mating must wait until your character and the other character have both reach full aduldthood. :bulletwhite:
RP situations such as cross Clan relationships, swapping clan homes, and accidental litters will be monitored and limited. Either of these must be brought to admin attention before becoming official. These limits and numbers can be found in the Ban Section on the main page. :bulletwhite:
Medicine cats are allowed to have kits under one condition. They must have an older apprentice of at least 9 moons before mating and kitting. This only applies to she-medicine cats that must leave their duties until kitting is completed.  2 medicine cats are allowed in a single Clan at one time, one being the former mentor and the other a newly promoted medicine cat. :bulletwhite:
Cats will no longer be receiving dreams or prophecies from StarClan. Nor will Leaders travel to a designated “Moon Area” to receive their 9 lives or commune with StarClan. Messages from either the Dark Forest or StarClan will be delivered by messengers chosen by both spiritual realms.  Leaders will now receive their lives by venturing deep into StarClan and must prove themselves by finding the camp. Once at the camp, many a cat will greet them and grant them their lives. :bulletwhite:
Messengers are chosen from any Clan and there will only be one for each realm at a time. Once a messenger reaches a retiring age they will meet with the
next messenger, who is randomly called upon by the realms, and they must venture to meet the gatekeeper. :bulletwhite:
If your cat was once a kittypet or rogue at one point before joining a clan they MUST be given a proper warrior name and will not be accepted into the Clans until they do. :bulletwhite:


III. Star Clan Cat Guidelines

:bulletblue: When a cat dies, and has lived a truly blessed and good life, they will retire to the eternal realm of StarClan, and become an NPC.
:bulletblue: The realm of StarClan is dotted with trees and glistening pools of water. The camp of ancestors is located high atop a mountain and shrouded in mist. Only StarClan cats can reach this camp and will lead chosen cats to it depending on their reasoning {i.e. Gaining Lives, Prophecy needed to be told in person, etc.}
:bulletblue: StarClan cats can walk the mortal lands as freely as the living cats, but they are limited to only exploring during the day. Once the beginning of dusk rolls in, they must return to the StarClan portal or forever disappear into the void.
:bulletblue: Star Clan cats have a slight shine to them, almost an unspeakable beauty. This is how one can tell they are not from the clans.
:bulletblue: Star Clan cats have no scars or markings from their previous life. Once dead, they presume the healthiest appearance they ever had as a mortal cat.
:bulletblue: They cannot be killed...easily. The only thing that can “kill” a StarClan cat is the night.


IV. Dark Forest Cat Guidelines

If a cat whose life was darkened by betrayal and dishonesty, they will go to the Dark Forest following death. :bulletwhite:
The Dark Forest is a dark and cruel world. There is no sunlight; a perpetual darkness and mist haunts the land. The cats here have no camp, no companionship. They are doomed to forever wander alone, haunted by the crimes of their mortal lives. :bulletwhite:
Dark forest cats stalk the Clan territories at night and possess strength not known to the Clan cats. Like the StarClan cats, they must retreat back to the eternal realm before Dawn, or risk being lost forever to the void. Many cats choose this fate over an eternal life of torture in the Forest. :bulletwhite:
A veil of shadow surrounds all Dark Forest cats. Additionally, they are forced to relive their deaths whenever an emotion becomes to strong, or their memories resurface. When this happens, they will be reminded of death in the cruelest way possible. For example, Wretchedheart, Gatekeeper of the Dark Forest, fell to his death and drowned. When he is reminded of his demise, he pelt becomes soaked with water, and his limbs ache as if every one had been broken. :bulletwhite:
The only thing that can “kill” a Dark Forest cat is the light of the Sun. :bulletwhite:


V. Relationships

-heart chart here-
:bulletblue: Many different types of relationships will flourish as a character is developed and role-played.
:bulletblue: If your character hates another character for personal reasons, please keep this hatred to In-Character. Do not treat the member owning said character with any malice. Just because your character does not get along with another doesn't mean you cannot get along with the member in question.
:bulletblue: Many characters will come in and out of your characters lives, and though it is not mandatory, keeping track using the heart chart found above is very convenient for you and for others!
:bulletblue: No character is allowed to kill another without consent. This goes along with the no god-modding rule.
:bulletblue: Be creative when it comes to making relationships with the characters around you. The best way to do this is to plot interesting storylines.
:bulletblue: NPCs will be counted in Clan allegiances but are not counted in gender counts, just to make things easier. NPCs cannot be mated with.


VI. Mating Partners and Pregnancies

Heterosexual, Bisexual and Homosexual characters are welcome in oSaC.  :bulletwhite:
Apprentices are not allowed to mate, but they are welcome to discuss doing so in the future. :bulletwhite:
Do not create a cat with the soul purpose of being another cat's mate. This usually ends with an unused, uninteresting character. :bulletwhite:
One member cannot RP a couple. Paired cats must be RP’d by two separate role-players. :bulletwhite:
Characters are allowed to switch partners if things don't work out; however, do not go overboard. Within the Clans it is frowned upon for a mated couple to split up without good reason. :bulletwhite:
When a couple becomes official (both agree to becoming a couple) please note the group so that it can be made known to the Clan as well as the group. :bulletwhite:
“One night stands”/Accidental Litters will be limited, but permitted. Both RPers must agree and you must note the group for permission before going ahead with any plans. :bulletwhite:
Rape of any kind is absolutely forbidden and will not be tolerated. :bulletwhite:


Once a couple is ready to have kits, Admins will give a random number for the amount of kits based on number of birthing process the queen has already been through, age, Sickness, etc. These factors will all play a part in the number of kits a couple will receive. An average litter will consist of 4-5 kittens :bulletwhite:
She-cats will remain pregnant for a month {31 Days real time} :bulletwhite:
Genders will also be assigned by admins. :bulletwhite:
Surrogate pregnancies for same-sex couples are permitted, so long as everyone involved gives their consent. :bulletwhite:

Once a she-cat is allowed to become pregnant and the couple is officially expecting, there will be two submissions required for them to have a successful birth. Whether you want the mother to perish during the birthing process or a kit or two is up to the RPers of the mother and father. They can also decide who will do what drawing/if a collaboration will be done, but ultimately, two submissions must be completed.

There will be a due date assigned to each couple for the first art submission which officially states the she-cat is pregnant and will be having kits.  The first picture must include daily life of the expecting she-cat/father. A scene in the nursery, the couple cuddling or anything of the like is acceptable.
Once the first submission is completed, a week before the birth-date the couple will be required to submit a drawing of the whole family, with the newborn kits. This image will be used in the announcements.


VIII. Rank Descriptions

The leader is the cat who leads the Clan; anything the leader says, goes. Leaders are to receive nine lives from StarClan as well as their leader name before they can make any true decisions. The leader of a Clan represents that Clan at gatherings, and may also receive signs from StarClan. If StarClan is in need of a leader they will send for one by messenger.

The deputy of a Clan is the second-in-command. If the leader dies, then the deputy takes his/her place. The deputy assigns other warriors their duties (patroling, hunting, etc.) and helps the leader with their decisions. Except for the leader and medicine cat, everyone has to listen to the deputy.

Medicine Cat
Medicine cats take care of ill cats, and also do some warrior duties if necessary. There can only be one medicine cat, or two, if a medicine cat apprentice becomes medicine cat before the other medicine cat joins StarClan. Medicine cats frequently get omens from StarClan. Like the leaders, if StarClan needs to converse with a Medicine cat personally they will send for them by messenger.

Every so 2 cats from different Clans will be chosen to relay messages to all the clans from both Star Clan and the Dark Forest. Messengers hold no lead in a rank but are always watched and sought after once they come back from their occasional journeying. Both Eternal Realm Gatekeepers connect to their messengers on a spiritual level and can beckon them from far distances. Normally itll be an awkward chill that runs up the spin, or a sudden feeling of unexplained joy. When a messenger is released to retire back to solely clan duties they will secretly seek out their next chosen predecessor and only mouth a few hints as to where they need to go to meet their gatekeeper.

Senior Warrior
Senior warriors are the next rank up from warrior. They are usually closer to the leader/deputy and are more frequently chosen to do more important tasks. Age matters in this situation and senior warriors are mainly warriors who have been alive for a long time, but are not yet old enough to become an elder.

Warriors are the general rank of the cats in a Clan. They are given tasks mainly by the leader or deputy, and sometimes the medicine cat. They hunt, fight, and patrol and are now full-grown cats.

Medicine Cat Apprentice
Medicine cat apprentices are regarded in basically the same manner as other apprentices, except, when the time calls, they can be talked to like they were a full medicine cat.

Apprentices are the next rank up from kits, and range from 6 moons old to about 1 year old. Apprentices have a higher status than kits, but once again can be scolded by almost anyone. But now, as an older cat they are expected to be able to do tasks for the elders and other warriors who need things done.

The kit has basically no power at all in the Clan, which makes sense, because kits are only from 0-6 moons old. Anyone can scold a kit, but it is considered impolite to do so unless you are a leader, the kit's mother, or the medicine cat. Kits stay in the nursery with the other queens and kits until they are 6 moons old.

Full Queen
Description can be seen below. Their main job would just be caring for kittens left by their mothers after no matter the age, taking in abandoned kits, helping deliver other kits. Full time Queens will occasionally give birth to a litter if clan life becomes rough.

Queens are she-cats expecting or nursing kits. Full-time queens are almost always in the nursery and they take care of other she-cats kits, if the mother does not wish to stay in the nursery. Queens are rarely assigned warrior duties, unless they choose to be given them. Only in the most desperate times will queens have to defend the Clan, and usually warriors from other Clans do not attack them unless necessary.

The retired cats of the clan, those who have served valiantly and well who deserve a much needed rest as they age.

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